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Is Mirror vacuum metallized pigment related to the ink industry?

Is Mirror vacuum metallized pigment related to the ink industry?

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Is mirror vacuum metallized pigment related to the ink industry? For those who work in the ink industry, mirror vacuum metallized pigment is a familiar product. Mirror vacuum metallized pigment is widely known for its excellent mirror effect, which can achieve the same effect as electroplating while avoiding pollution caused by electroplating. So, do you know the relationship between mirror vacuum metallized pigment and the ink industry? Let's take a look together!

Is Mirror vacuum metallized pigment related to the ink industry

Before we discuss the relationship between the two, let's first learn what mirror vacuum metallized pigment is. Mirror vacuum metallized pigment, also known as electroplated aluminium paste, is also called mirror aluminium paste, and ultra-bright aluminium paste, which are commonly used names in the industry. Its scientific name is Vacuum Metallized Aluminium Pigment Dispersion. It is made of high-purity aluminium as raw material, and the unique gas-phase metal pigmentation process is used for non-leafing mirror aluminium paste. The thickness of the flakes is only nanometer level, and the surface opacity and brightness are extremely high. Excellent mirror effect can be obtained with little usage.

Mirror vacuum metallized pigment can replace electroplating and save costs and avoiding pollution due to its excellent mirror effect, which can rival silver-plated sheet materials. The relationship between mirror aluminium paste and the ink industry can be said to be complementary. Mirror aluminium paste is widely used in the fields of paint and printing ink.

In the ink industry, mirror aluminium paste is mainly used in printing, plastic and glass materials, including home decoration glass, home appliance glass, mobile phone lens, gravure tobacco and alcohol packaging ink, etc. The main products are processed PET, PC, PMMA, PVC, and operating panels of washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and etc.

The above is the relevant knowledge about mirror vacuum metallized pigment and the ink industry". Hope you find it helpful. We will show you more exciting industry information in the next issue!