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How to choose color masterbatch?

How to choose color masterbatch?

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When it comes to color masterbatch, metallic color masterbatch has always been an indispensable color in masterbatch, basically made by adding metallic effect aluminium pigments. So, do you know how to choose color masterbatch?

How to choose color masterbatch

To choose good aluminium paste, you need to first understand the main characteristics of masterbatch. Masterbatch has extremely high vividness, coloring power, and dispersibility. It is suitable for all kinds of plastic blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding.

Because many metallic effects can only be achieved with aluminium pigments, adding other metallic pigments cannot achieve the same effect or the cost is too high. Therefore, the position of aluminium pigments in masterbatch is increasing as consumers pursue higher demands of color.

Currently, the requirements for metallic masterbatch mainly reflect in effects and performance. In the past, silver was just silver-gray, but now more and more people pursue bright silver, shiny effects, and performance is increasingly functionalized, so we need to make requirements for aluminium pigments. In addition to improving the effect, it reduced impact on plastics.

When it comes to choose color masterbatch, it needs to have high whiteness and excellent covering power, with a fine and smooth surface. Generally, solvent-based aluminium paste is selected because it contains less solvent and the product is relatively dry. When used, it is easy to mix with other color powders and substrates because the product is dry and not too viscous, which can quickly and uniformly mix with other color powders and substrates, avoiding excessive processing and turning black or long processing time, and the most important thing is to facilitate mixing. Without too much solvent, it can reduce the erosion of solvents on plastic substrates, causing a decrease in plastic performance. Therefore, the plastic masterbatch industry currently prefers solvent-based aluminium paste.

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