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Types of Aluminum powder

Types of Aluminum powder

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With the development of industrial technology, aluminum powder has become an indispensable raw material in many industries. In fact, aluminum powder may vary due to different production processes. Many new customers may not be able to understand the "secrets" involved. Next, please follow the editor's steps to learn together!

Types of Aluminum powder

What are the main types of aluminum powder? According to the editor's understanding, aluminum powder is also known as "silver powder" in some places, which is a gray metal pigment. Pure aluminum foil is added with a small amount of lubricant, crushed into a scale like powder by ramming, and then polished to form a powder like pigment. Aluminum powder are generally   divided into the following categories: Super-fine aluminum powder, ultra-fine aluminum powder, steelmaking aluminum powder, fine aluminum powder etc, based on the characteristics of aluminum powder, such as light weight, high leafing performance, strong covering power, and reflective properties against light and heat.

The production of aluminum powder is relatively complex, and the process is mainly divided into air atomization and nitrogen atomization. Air atomization is the most common production process in China. This process has low cost, but the product quality and factor of safety are also low. The spherical aluminum powder produced by Sunrise group generally adopts a nitrogen atomization process. The principle is to allow compressed nitrogen gas to atomize the molten aluminum liquid into droplets through a nozzle, which is then cooled by a large amount of nitrogen gas to become metal powder. Then, the aluminum powder with different particle sizes is screened and classified again through a classification system. The sorted spherical aluminum powder is discharged through bag dust removal technology, and the entire system is basically a closed cycle system.

The nitrogen aluminum powder produced by this process can quickly prevent the occurrence of oxidation reactions and the generation of dangerous gases; Simple operation with low requirements for production safety. The appearance of nitrogen atomized aluminum powder is regular, and due to the fast condensation speed of liquid droplets, they can quickly form spheres; At the same time, the hardness of aluminum powder is good. Due to the rapid gel, the aluminum powder is more dense, and the formed aluminum powder has better physical properties.

The above is the relevant knowledge about " Types of aluminium powder ". Hope it will be helpful to you. Please continue to follow us and share more exciting industry information in the next issue!