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Application types of metal aluminum powder

Application types of metal aluminum powder

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Do you know how many types of metal aluminum powder are used? Metal aluminum powder is widely used in our daily life, and it also accounts for a large proportion in aluminum pigment industry. So, next, Sunrise editor is going to test you. Do you know how many types of metal aluminum powder can be used? Look at your bewildered appearance, Let me tell you!

Application types of metal aluminum powder

How many types of applications are there for metal aluminum powder? Before we learn about the applications of metal aluminum powder, let's take a look at what metal aluminum powder is! According to the editor's understanding, metal aluminum powder is a kind of silver white powder, odorless and non-toxic. Powder coatings generally have safety hazards, as powder poses certain risks compared to air, especially in the presence of high temperatures and ignition sources, which can lead to explosions in severe cases. So special attention should be paid to the three processes of production, storage, and transportation.

Metal aluminum powder mainly has the following applications:

1. Ultra fine aluminum powder: Its main use is as fuel for rocket propulsion in the aerospace industry, as well as explosives.

2. Ultra fine aluminum powder: mainly used as a raw material for external metal paint of high-end cars, mobile phones, motorcycles, and bicycles.

3.Steelmaking aluminum powder: Steelmaking aluminum powder can be produced from scrap aluminum, and its main use is for degassing and deoxygenation during steelmaking.

4.Fine aluminum powder: It is mainly used in chemical industry, fireworks, firecrackers, etc.

5. Coating aluminum powder: It can be used as an industrial anti-corrosion and rust resistant coating for industries such as fireworks and firecrackers. High grade waste wires can also be used to produce ordinary coating aluminum powder.

6.Ball milled aluminum powder: Ball milled aluminum powder is mainly used in chemical engineering, casting, fireworks, and other fields.

The above is the specific content of "Application of Metal Aluminum Powder". We hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about it, pls stay tune !