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Leafing aluminum paste can be used in what industries?

Leafing aluminum paste can be used in what industries?

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Leafing aluminum paste can be used in what industries? Leafing aluminum paste is a spherical aluminum powder through a special process of grinding aluminum flakes can float on the surface of the paint film of aluminum paste. It has very good leafing power, can float on the surface of the paint film, and can effectively reflect light and heat; In additional, it also has good covering power, good white brightness, excellent storage stability and other characteristics, and it can produce a mirror effect in the low acid value resin system. For the leafing aluminum paste can be used in what industries this problem.The editor will answer it!

Leafing aluminum paste is widely used in printing inks, plastic masterbatches, self-painting paints and anti-corrosion coatings and other fields.

Printing ink: Leafing aluminum paste gives the printing ink a very high gloss effect, can make the printed materials show a shiny metallic texture, increase the visual appeal and texture.

Plastic masterbatches: The excellent covering power and masking ability of Leafing aluminum paste can evenly cover the color of plastic substrates, forming a uniform, smooth silver-white appearance and enhancing the quality and consistency of plastic products.

Self-spraying paint: Leafing aluminum paste is easy to mix with self-spraying paint system, good dispersibility enables it to be evenly distributed in the paint, maintaining the stability and consistency of the pigment, adding unique visual effects to the coating applied by self-spraying paint.

Anti-corrosion field: Leafing aluminum paste has excellent corrosion resistance, can form a solid protective layer, effectively prevent the erosion of corrosive substances on the substrate, to extend the service life of anti-corrosion coating.

Due to its excellent metallic effect and performance, Leafing aluminum paste is usually used in coatings and printing ink products that require high brightness, high gloss, excellent coverage and uniformity, and can meet the demand for high-quality metallic effect in different fields.