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Water based aluminium pigment,also known as aqueous aluminium paste,developed with the development of aqueous coatings. Aluminium is a lively amphoteric metallic element and easy to react with water, acid and alkali. It should take special surface treatment when add in aqueous resin system. Among the market the methods of aqueous aluminium paste can be divided into 4 categories: 1. Add corrosion inhibitor2. Chromic acid or chromate passivation; 3. Silica coating method; 4. Inorganic and organic double-coated or interpenetrating networks method (IPN). These methods have different advantages and disadvantages. Along with the higher requirements for environmental protection, the last two methods will be used more and more.

The aqueous aluminium paste are widely used in aqueous automotive coatings, furniture and other decorative paint, cosmetics, food packaging, leather and cloth, children's toys, etc.
Application guide
1.Foam slurry several minutes later, stirring slowly and add the aqueous coatingsemulsion, can add some dispersant appropriately to avoid cluster and particle precipitation
2.Do not stir it in high speed, in case the high shear force destroy the coating of aluminium pigment; the rotating speed should control in 300-800rpm.
3.For optimal results, youd better filter the aqueous coating.
4.In long- term storage, aluminium paste may generate particles. You can soak it with pure water or glycol ether several minutstir it slighty and then will spread out.
5.Storage: Avoid direct sunlight after using aluminium paste, seal the drums'cover soon.
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