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What is resin-coated aluminium paste?

What is resin-coated aluminium paste?

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What is resin-coated aluminium paste? We all know that aluminium paste can give the surface of the object a silver effect and metallic texture, but different aluminium paste has different fields of application, for application scenarios with high protection requirements, it is necessary to use resin-coated aluminium pigments, and it is necessary to select the correct aluminium paste manufacturer. For the question of what is resin-coated aluminium pigment, let me tell you.

Resin-coated aluminium pigment is a kind of ordinary aluminium paste through a special coating process to coat the product, is developed with the application and promotion of high-performance coatings (acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, voltage resistance, etc.), because metal aluminium is active amphoteric metal elements, easy to react with water, acid, alkali, therefore, when applied to special requirements system, It must be treated with a special surface. This product has a wide range of applications, with some advantages, such as:

Improve paint stability: Resin coating can effectively prevent aluminium particles from contact with the external environment, reduce the impact of oxidation and other factors that may cause surface tarnish, and improve product stability.
Improved coating adhesion: Resin coating can increase the bonding force between aluminium particles and the base material, which helps the adhesion and durability of aluminium pigments on the coating surface.
Improved processing performance: The resin-coated aluminium pigment has better processing performance in the process of stirring, coating, drying, etc., which contributes to the stability and efficiency of the production process.

On the whole, Resin-coated aluminium pigment by providing a protective encapsulation layer for aluminium particles, can improve the stability of the product, adhesion and processing performance, is an important technical means in the field of aluminium paste, because of strong technology, to find a professional aluminium paste manufacturers are very important.