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What is bronze powder?

What is bronze powder?

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What is bronze powder? When the light of metal meets the inspiration of art, a unique metal pigment - bronze powder, came into being. Bronze powder, also known as copper zinc gold powder, is based on copper and zinc as the main raw materials, through smelting, powder spraying, ball milling, polishing and oxidation processes processed into very fine scale-like metal powder, its unique metallic feeling and color effect, so that it has become one of the most popular materials in artistic creation applications. Bronze powder manufacturers are also increasing with the development of the market.

Bronze powder has a very high brightness and metallic feeling, from different angles can show a dazzling metallic luster effect. Its covering power is strong, and it can cover the surface of the substrate well, adding a unique artistic flavor and noble texture to the product.

Depending on its zinc content, bronze powder can show a variety of different shades: when the zinc content is less than 10%, it shows a light gold effect, known as pale gold; Zinc content between 10%-25% shows the rich and light gold effect of rich pale gold; And 25%-30% zinc brings the deep gold rich effect of lapis gold.

Bronze powder is widely used in architectural decoration, arts and crafts painting, book printing, packaging printing and other fields. Not only does it give the product a noble metallic texture and a unique visual effect, it is also favored for its durability and high brightness. Bronze powder, the perfect integration of the luxury of metal and the charm of art, add shining light to the products of various industries. It is believed that with the technological update of bronze powder manufacturers, bronze powder will bring more surprises to the market.