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What have we seen from the 19th China International Coatings Show?

What have we seen from the 19th China International Coatings Show?

Media Reports
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This year's Coatings Exhibition was successfully concluded in Guangzhou today! Someone asked me: What do you gain from this paint exhibition as an old painter? I told him, just one word: "cool"! Look at the people who were crushed by the blacks yesterday and the day before yesterday. I saw that everyone who came to the conference had a happy face and knew that this exhibition was really very successful.
In fact, in recent years, I have participated in every coating exhibition, and the feelings of each session are different. What I feel most deeply at this year's Coatings Exhibition is the rise of China's national paint raw material enterprises. They have begun to be dissatisfied with the imitation of the whole, and the innovation runs through the entire paint exhibition. The coating material supplier event held by the famous website HC Network on the day before the coating exhibition attracted a large number of paint material suppliers and paint manufacturers to participate in the event. It was this event that fully mobilized the enthusiasm of everyone before the exhibition. During the meeting, we saw engineers spontaneously organized to gather together, hope to strengthen communication, strengthen cooperation and jointly make Chinese paint bigger and stronger, here is the "Painting Xiang Daren" gathering, located in Xiangtan University in Hunan Province, although in Chinese universities. It is not very famous, but the “paint Xiang Army” created by the graduates of Xiangtan University is really famous in the Chinese paint industry. Many people in the paint industry are from Xiangda! For example, Chen Chensheng, the owner of Zhanchen Coatings, and Wang Daimin, the general manager of the technology of Carpoly, and Li Ang, the general manager of Jialeshi, etc., a large number of engineers graduated from Xiangda are active in coating materials and coatings production enterprises; last night held The paint wolves-engineering gathering pushed this communication to a climax. More than 400 paint engineers from all over the country, raw material manufacturers and some media gathered together. The group was angry and everyone vowed to make Chinese paint stronger.
Now we are back in the exhibition hall. Although Bayer, BASF and so on have not been exhibited this time, the momentum of the whole exhibition has not been reduced, even before it is better than before. The whole exhibition runs through the three coating development directions of water-based, radiation-curing and powder-forming.
In the past, Chinese local manufacturers were weak in the field of resin production, but look at today's coatings exhibition, you will find that China's resin manufacturing has been so strong, even the booth of the manufacturing giant Jiangsu Sanmu Group is not the most cattle. Although the carbon black used in the coating is not many, the unusually lucrative profits have attracted many giants of carbon black production in China to switch to the coatings field. After all, they account for 90% of the sales of rubber carbon black, and the market price has not risen in 20 years. It is an important choice to challenge the carbon black giants such as Orilong. They are also surprised to find that many former traders have turned their own brands into manufacturing enterprises through the processing of processing. Considering the increasingly difficult space for traders to survive, Their change is both compelling and inevitable; old-fashioned production companies have grown up, such as Bolier resin, and for example, Huaxia. We have also developed a number of traders in the transition, no longer from the end, such as the generation of trade, no longer only the distribution of BYK additives; and the famous Heshi Chemical Group from the boss to the group's high-level collective platform, despite the field of coatings The business accounted for less than 15% of the group, but the determination to enter this lucrative field was determined.
This paint exhibition has attracted the attention of Chinese paint raw material manufacturers in super-standards. Many business owners who have never participated in the exhibition have personally stood on the platform to receive their own old customers to promote their products. For example, Chairman Qin Yisheng of Tianyin Dana Group, and Liu Jun, general manager of Yida Group. At the show, I met the CEOs, purchasing managers and technical managers of almost all paint production giants, such as Akzo Nobel, Nippon Paint, VALSPAR, HEANPEL, Jordan, and local paint production giants such as Carpoly. Their common goal is to find new raw materials, and exhibitors can appropriately adjust and clarify the direction of their product development through interaction with these coatings giants and other coatings manufacturers.
Although there are not many new things brought by foreign manufacturers, it does not mean that they do not pay attention to this exhibition. You can see the booth of BYK. If you look at the booth of Hemmings, you can look at the booths of many Japanese companies. You will find that the Chinese market is still the focus of their attention and development. What makes them feel anxious is that the pace of development of local companies is getting faster and faster, and the gap between them in marketing and technology is getting smaller and smaller.
Someone told me before the Guangzhou International Coatings Exhibition that the number of exhibitors has decreased by about 15% compared with the previous ones, but I have seen a substantial increase in the quality of exhibitors, and the prosperity and strength of a market is not just by quantity. More important is determined by quality. During the exhibition, the president of the Architectural Coatings Division of a paint group excitedly shouted that "Chinese paint is the sunrise industry in Chaoyang", this sentence is not false! Compared with last year, your sales price has basically not dropped, and the raw materials you purchase have dropped by more than 10% on average. Chinese paint manufacturers are certainly happy. Zhejiang has a large branch of the paint division of this year, "very profitable," I told the group's CEO: lying in a good industry is not difficult to make money. The dazzling performance and profitability of China's coatings industry is attracting the “outsiders” to make great strides. If you look at the big moves of Wanhua Chemical, you can look at the chemical groups that are working hard to get tens of billions of dollars. I know that China's paint industry will be very lively next year.