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Do you understand the mistakes of waterborne aluminum paste

Do you understand the mistakes of waterborne aluminum paste

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Do you understand the mistakes of waterborne aluminum paste?Many partners don't know much about water-based aluminum paste when they enter the industry .Then they have a lot of doubts. If these doubts are not clear, it is difficult to improve for understanding and using.Next, let's study together.

Do you understand the mistakes of waterborne aluminum paste?It is understood that water-based aluminum paste can be dissolved in water, suitable for water-based coating system.And it is very environmental protection and energy saving.The waterborne aluminum  paste produced by silica coating process has the advantages of dense coating layer, long storage time, maintaining the original hue and brightness, good water resistance and acid and alkali resistance.But there are following errors in the process of using:

Mistake 1: How to use it.

Long time stirring and too fast stirring speed will destroy the coating layer of water-based aluminum paste, resulting in the coating blackening, reducing the covering power and coarse particles in the film.

Mistake 2: Taste is not environmental protection.

The normal water-based aluminum paste has some smell. The smell is volatilized by the solvent or auxiliary agent covering the water-based aluminum paste. They are environment-friendly solvents and will not pollute the environment. They are also non-toxic so don't worry about the taste.

Mistake 3: Improper use of solvent and resin.

Improper operation of solvent and resin will make the product difficult to disperse, so it is necessary to appropriately mix new resin and solvent. If it is difficult to disperse because of the  fine product, the soaking time can be appropriately extended and the stirring speed can be controlled.

Mistake 4: The more water-based aluminum paste is added, the stronger the metal feeling is.

This is wrong. The addition of water-based aluminum paste needs to be controlled within a certain proportion. Beyond this proportion, the metal feeling will not be improved and the overall effect will be affected.

The above is the related knowledge content of "Do you understand the mistakes of waterborne aluminum paste".Hope to help you.