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Water-based Aluminum Paste Garment Printing Process

Water-based Aluminum Paste Garment Printing Process

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The use of water-based aluminum garment printing process, water-based aluminum silver paste and printing paste blended and evenly printed on the garment, the effect is very good, the water-based aluminum silver paste has a particularly high degree of glitter, after the water-based aluminum silver paste is printed Or directly baking, or self-drying, the printed pattern is very bright, not easy to fade, if the pattern will be printed after printing, it may be that the printing glue is incompatible with the material of the clothes, which will cause the pattern to fall off. It is best to call in advance. There are many ways to print a dye or paint on a fabric, but the main methods are as follows.

(1) Direct printing

The method of directly printing the flower patterns of various colors on the fabric is direct printing, and the color paste of various colors does not hinder and destroy during the printing process. About 80%-90% of printed fabrics use this method. The method can print white flowers and flower patterns.

(2) Discharge printing

The dyed ground fabric is printed with a color paddle containing chemicals that can destroy the ground color. These chemicals are called discharge agents. Chemically resistant dyes can also be added to the discharge paddle. Such a discharge printing can obtain two effects, namely, whitening and color drawing.

(3) Anti-dye printing

Firstly, the anti-dyeing agent which can prevent dye dyeing is printed on the fabric, and then the color is padded, and the pattern is printed to prevent the ground color from being dyed. This method is anti-dye printing, and the method can obtain three effects, that is, Anti-white, color and partial anti-staining.