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Congratulation on the success of our company’s new product appraisal meeting.

Congratulation on the success of our company’s new product appraisal meeting.

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On June 30, 2019, two new product appraisal meetings of "CYC-I color aluminum pigment" and "aluminum pigment for ink" of Sunrise group were solemnly held in the conference room on the first floor of Sunrise administration building. Li Yun, former president of Anhui Petrochemical Association, Zhang Xingyuan, Professor of China University of science and technology, Liu Jin, Professor of Anhui Jianzhu University, Zhang Yuchuan, Professor of Anhui University, Cui Peng, Professor of Hefei University of technology, and Xia Ru, Professor of Anhui University , Ma Hongli, assistant chairman of Sunrise group, Dong Qiannian, technical director, Zou Huajian, executive manager and Xu Tongtong, R & D Engineer attended the meeting.


First of all,Ma Hongli,assistant chairman of Sunrise group,delivered a welcome speech to the experts who came to the appraisal meeting.

Subsequently, experts of the appraisal committee listened to the report of technical director Dong on the necessity, technical difficulties and technological innovation of new product research and development last year.This paper reviews the research reports and related materials of "CYC-I color aluminum pigment" and "aluminum pigment for ink", and puts forward many constructive suggestions.

A successful conclusion 

After careful discussion,the appraisal committee agreed that the technology of the two new products has reached the leading level in China.The products have been tried out by users and have a good market prospect, good economic and social benefits.The production equipment,testing means and quality assurance system of the enterprise can meet the requirements of mass production,and agree to pass the appraisal of new products.

On this basis,Sunrise adheres to innovation driven,highlighting leading industries and forming industry characteristics.We will continue to strength the research and development of new products and technologies, pursue technological leadership and innovation and provide high-quality and professional products and services.

Every innovation is a kind of transcendence.Congratulation on the success or our new product appraisal meeting.