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Frequent safety drills and constant safety alarms

Frequent safety drills and constant safety alarms

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In June 2019,we will usher in the 18th national”production safety month”.The theme of this year is”preventing risks,eliminating hidden dangers and curbing accidents”.In response to the call,the Hefei factory headquarters of Sunrise group organized emergency personnel of various departments to carry out an emergency drills for work safety accidents.

Accident simulation drill

The comprehensive drill of "solvent oil leakage and fire in R & D laboratory" is to simulate the fire accident in R & D laboratory. After intense fighting and rescue, in the case of uncontrollable fire, the first goal is personal safety, so that all personnel can evacuate safely. After that, Zhang Feng, manager of the production department, commented and analyzed the whole process of the drill and pointed out the shortcomings and the need for improvement in the process of the drill to improve the emergency rescue ability of the company's employees.

Fire fighting training

In order to enable everyone to master certain fire safety knowledge and fire fighting skills in the early stage,then all the staff participated in a fire fighting.Zhang Feng,manager of the production department,introduced the correct use of fire fighting equipment for everyone.Everyone signed up enthusiastically to experience the use and operation points of fire fighting equipment,which greatly improved their safety awareness and fire fighting skills.

Safety production has only a starting point and no end point.To pay attention to safety and ensure production,we need to strength the daily safety management ,strengthen the accident emergency drill,improve the ability to deal with accidents,so as to make constant prevention and preparedness,and carry out the work of safety production in a sustained and in deep way.