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Warmly celebrate the official opening of the fifth lecture of "Sunrise classroom" in Chizhou University

Warmly celebrate the official opening of the fifth lecture of "Sunrise classroom" in Chizhou University

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On the afternoon of June 19, 2019, the fifth lecture of "Sunrise classroom" jointly held by Chizhou University and Sunrise group was solemnly opened in the training center on the north second floor of Business School of Chizhou University!

Luo Zhigang, Party Secretary of Business School of Chizhou University, Yang Rongming, vice president, Zhou Guoyi, sophomore manager of Sunrise group, Zhang Yubo, manager of human resources department, Wang Qiong, director of recruitment of human resources department and others attended the meeting. More than 100 students from various departments of the University participated in the meeting.

Mutual promotion and common development

In class, manager Zhou Guoyi of Sunrise group delivered a warm speech. He introduced the development process of Sunrise, and spoke highly of the advantages, status and influence of Chizhou University; rationally analyzed the full reasons and fundamental reasons for choosing Chizhou University as the school enterprise partner, which showed that Sunrise group attached great importance to and had great confidence in the opening of Sunrise class.

Manager Zhou said that schools and enterprises can complement each other and share resources. Schools can give full play to their scientific research and talent advantages, while enterprises can give full play to their resource advantages and market advantages. Sincere cooperation between schools and enterprises will surely achieve the goal of mutual promotion and common development.

Finally, manager Zhou encouraged the students to cherish their youth and learning opportunities, give full play to their intelligence, carry forward the spirit of hard work, and become useful talents in the school of Sunrise and the melting pot of society!

School enterprise cooperation, seamless docking

After that, President Yang of Business School of Chizhou University made an important speech. President Yang fully affirmed and highly appreciated the strength of Sunrise group. President Yang said, "Sunrise classroom" is an important form of deepening the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, and promoting educational reform and innovation. School enterprise cooperation is not only an effective way for schools to cultivate high-quality talents, but also the only way to promote the technological progress and industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises. It is also an inevitable choice to cultivate large-scale craftsmen and build compound talents.

President Yang's message to the students is that they can have new harvest, new progress and new achievements in the process of participating in the "Sunrise classroom", and they are determined to become excellent employees in the enterprise and even the future industry elite.

New mode, on-site communication

Finally, Wang Qiong, the recruitment director of the human resources department, analyzed the report on the employ ability of fresh graduates in 2019 for the students, and carried out a series of interactive exchanges with the students on the contents of the report. The students expressed their confusion and puzzlement about career planning, interview skills and employment.

For a series of problems about job interview raised by the students at the scene, director Wang patiently answered them one by one. After a friendly interaction, many students expressed that they had learned and understood. I believe that the students will certainly be able to develop new ideas and have a clearer understanding and planning for the future.

A successful conclusion

We firmly believe that: through the continuous opening of "Sunrise classroom", both schools and enterprises will give full play to their respective advantages and potentials, innovate the cooperation mechanism, actively and comprehensively carry out the work of new school enterprise cooperation, form a long-term mechanism of "school enterprise division of labor and cooperation, collaborative education and common development", constantly improve the quality and pertinence of talent training, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results to achieve the goal of common development of both school and enterprise!