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Product introduction of Sunrise group in 2019 International Rubber&Plastic Exhibition

Product introduction of Sunrise group in 2019 International Rubber&Plastic Exhibition

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1.Aluminum pigment for plastics

The silver bar is composed of aluminum powder, auxiliary agent and carrier. The aluminum powder (also called aluminum flake) in the silver bar is in the shape of tiny silver or corn flake, with a thickness of 0.1 um ~ 2 um and a diameter of 5 um ~ 200 um. The content of aluminum in silver bars is about 80%, and the other 20% are carriers and additives. Silver bars can withstand high temperatures up to 280° in plastic for 5 minutes.

Sunrise plastic special aluminum pigment is specially developed and designed to produce a series of metal effect pigments in plastics. It can achieve a full range of solid silver metal appearance and dazzling metal tone. It can be used together with toner to combine a variety of color matching possibilities, increasing the added value of plastic products.

2. Aluminum pigment

Aluminum pigment is widely used in our life. It is a kind of metal pigment, which is mainly composed of a large number of very small metal aluminum sheets. In the paint, ink, plastic used to produce silver metal effect. When used with other pigments, it can produce gold and other metal effects of different colors. The particle diameter of aluminum silver paste is much larger than that of general pigment used in coating. The particle diameter of general pigments for coatings is within the wavelength range of visible light, while the diameter of flake pigments with special metal effect is generally 5~60um.

3.Aluminum silver powder

Aluminum silver powder is called silver powder for short, which is actually flake silver powder. It is a metal powder material used for coating and printing. The flake powder is made of spherical aluminum powder as primary raw material by ball milling, grading, coating, polishing and other processes. It has good covering ability and metallic luster. Coarse grained products are suitable for painting, decoration and other industries, while fine grained aluminum silver powder is suitable for screen printing, gravure printing, offset printing, convex printing and other printing industries. The silver powder is mixed with silver oil and hydrogen to form silver ink or silver paint with excellent silver luster. It is widely used in packaging, printing, coating, textile and other industries. It plays a decorative role in various appliances and environmental layout by printing gold, sprinkling silver or coating on plastics, paper and fabrics, increasing the aesthetic effect of products and packaging.

4. Pearlescent pigment

Pearlescent pigment is composed of mica coated with several kinds of metal oxides. Changing the thin layer of metal oxide can produce different pearlescent effect. Compared with other pigments, pearlescent pigment has unique soft pearl luster and incomparable effect. Special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency make it create the same effect as pearl luster in transparent medium.

The above products are the product introduction of Sunrise Group International rubber and plastic exhibition in 2019. I hope it can help you. Thank you for your reading and wish you a happy life.