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We warmly welcome the provincial working group of "four free and one service" to visit Sunrise for investigation and guidance.

We warmly welcome the provincial working group of "four free and one service" to visit Sunrise for investigation and guidance.

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"Four free and one service" double thousand project in Anhui Province.

In order to conscientiously implement the socialist ideology of China with Chinese characteristics and the nineteen spirits of the party, we should strive to solve the outstanding difficulties and problems in the real economy and create a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Anhui provincial Party committee and Anhui provincial government decided to continue to carry out the one month "four free and one service" double thousand project concentrated activity in April this year, that is, to organize thousands of cadres, go deep into thousands of enterprises, send ideas, policies, projects and elements to serve the real economy.

1. Enter the enterprise, enter the park, send the idea, establish the new development concept

On the morning of April 10, 2019, Wang Fengtao, director of the scientific research department of the Provincial Department of education, Jia Fengli, chief staff member of the comprehensive Department of the Provincial Department of finance, Li Xiaodong, general manager of the Inclusive Finance Department of the branch of Everbright Bank, Li Qinglong, director of the investment department of the provincial enterprise reform and development fund, Gao Sheng, director of the Political Research Office of the county government, Gu Tao, deputy director of the County Finance Bureau, and Yang Huafeng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Shuangfeng Development Zone, came to Sunrise. Zhou Zhizhong, executive vice president of Sunrise group, and others accompanied the delegation in their visit and investigation.

2. Experts send projects to promote cooperation between industry, university, research and application

First of all, the team went to the workshop and exhibition hall for a visit. During the visit, manager Zhang of production department of Sunrise group introduced the products, production scale, business status and other relevant information of Sunrise group. After listening to the introduction, the working group fully affirmed the rapid development of Sunrise in recent years, and spoke highly of Sunrise's continuous innovation spirit.

Then, the working group and his party went to the meeting room for talks. Before the meeting, director Wang promoted the provincial "four free and one service" comprehensive service platform, so that online and offline enterprises can reflect problems smoothly, so that more enterprises can reflect problems without leaving home. At the same time, he said: for the new problems that can be solved on the spot or after research, the government should make a quick decision, discuss and handle them; for those that can not be solved on the spot, the government should give a solution deadline and do a good job of explanation; for those that can not be solved by cities and counties, the government should timely report to the provincial level for coordination and dispatch, so as to ensure that all the problems we reflect will be answered and settled.

3. Carefully organize and deliver elements to help enterprises build bridges

Director Wang kindly asked us if we had encountered any difficulties or problems in the process of development. In this regard, Xu Congde, financial director of Sunrise group, put forward a series of market, financing, transformation and other questions, and director Wang answered them one by one, indicating that the provincial and municipal working groups will actively build communication bridges, smooth the docking channels of elements, and specifically alleviate the market and financing problems caused by asymmetric information of elements and poor resource circulation in accordance with the requirements of "accuracy" and "normality" problems. At the same time, for the social security and other issues raised by manager Zhang of the human resources department, director Wang also said that he would comprehensively collect and sort out the problems, and carry out targeted and personalized counseling with the relevant departments of provinces, cities and counties, so as to help us solve the problems.

4. Focus on enterprise problems and serve the development of real economy

Finally, the provincial working group hopes that all enterprises in Changfeng county can spontaneously unite to organize meetings and training, and the provincial units can arrange experts to solve the problems of enterprises for us. On the basis of introducing the original research projects of Sunrise and universities, it also helps to establish the strategic cooperation with Sunrise and universities.

At present, the "four free and one service" double thousand project in 2019 is in full swing across the province. The arrival of the "four free and one service" working group is also a kind of affirmation and spur to Sunrise. Sunrise will play a greater social role, bear more social responsibility, create greater social value, and make greater contributions to the construction of five modern development beautiful Anhui!