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[3.8] pay homage to all the great "she"

[3.8] pay homage to all the great "she"

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Because of them, the world is more wonderful;because of them,the Sunrise is growing stronger and stronger.On the occasion of the 111th International Women’s day.I would like to extend my highest respect and sincere wishes to all the female employees who have worked hard and devoted themselves to all positions of the group.

“She”,women are not inferior to men.

She is active in all positions of Sunrise.They charge in all fronts of the group. They are half of the sky of Sunrise. The festival belongs to them and send a special love to them.

(exclusive holiday allowance, Dior 999, MAC lipstick, paid vacation, etc.)

"She", smile like a flower.

Busy work, in this exclusive "she" festival, a heart, a circle of happiness. Simple small game, as if let you get back the feeling of childhood. Joy and laughter, rippling around.

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Bing Xin once said, "if there are no women in the world, the world will lose at least five tenths of its ’truth’, six tenths of its ‘goodness’ and seven tenths of its ‘beauty’”.

I hope that every "she" will always be beautiful and comfortable, smiling like flowers, independent and strong, elegant and generous.