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Do you know what waterborne aluminium paste is?

Do you know what waterborne aluminium paste is?

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    Do you know what waterborne aluminium paste? With the continuous improvement of national environmental protection requirements and strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, eco-friendly waterborne aluminum paste has begun to gradually replace the original high pollution solvent aluminum paste, becoming a new choice in these days. So what is waterborne aluminum paste?


    Do you know what waterborne aluminium paste is? As is well known that waterborne aluminium paste is a common metal aluminium pigment, which is used in waterborne materials, including but not limited to water resin system, emulsion system, secondary dispersion and natural latex system. It plays a good decorative beautification effect in the base material, giving the coating surface a shiny metallic texture.

    In the process of choosing waterborne aluminium paste, many people need to understand what kind of waterborne aluminium paste is the really pure one. Generally, the main cosolvent is deionized water which makes the paste able to be pre-dispersed directly with water, the proportion is about 30%. Energy saving and environmental friendly is an important characteristic of waterborne aluminum paste, and which produced by silica coating process has dense coating layer, good water resistance and excellent acid and alkali resistance, and the storage life of the finished product can be as long as 12 months.

    General application of waterborne aluminum paste mainly involved in industries including waterborne plastic shell plastic areas such as laptop, home appliance plastic shell, automobile decoration such as plastic shell, water-based metallic paint areas such as automobile engines, profiles, ships, pipelines, such as car repair paint, water-based glass paint areas such as cosmetic bottles, wine bottles, etc., Water-based ink fields such as gravure printing, adagio printing, screen printing and so on.

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