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Storage and use skills of aluminium silver powder

Storage and use skills of aluminium silver powder

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As a derivative product of aluminium pigment, aluminium silver powder is favored by the majority of customers because of environmental protection factors, easy to use and good presentation effect. Combined with the needs of major customers and Sunrise aluminium powder manufacturers, we share the storage and use of aluminium powder with you according to the problems we are concerned about in actual use.

    Do you know the storage and use skills of aluminium silver powder? As far as we know, many customers think that aluminium powder is the innovative product of aluminium paste. In fact, it can be understood that aluminium powder is the downstream product of aluminium paste. It is developed and upgraded through the secondary research and development of aluminium paste products. aluminium paste products, is an indispensable metal pigment, its main components are snow flake aluminium particles and petroleum solvents, in paste shape. The aluminium powder is characterized by smooth surface, concentrated particle size distribution, regular shape, excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster, mixed with transparent color pigment, paint film has obvious "different color effect with Angle", decorative effect is very gorgeous and beautiful.

    As we all know, aluminium powder can mainly be used for automotive coatings, weak current plastic coatings, metal industrial coatings, Marine coatings, heat resistant coatings, roof coatings and so on. So the following points need to be paid attention to in the process of using storage:


  1. aluminium silver powder in storage should be sealed to make it isolated from the air, to prevent oxidation. Can be placed in indoor sealed tank, storage temperature is 15 ~ 40℃. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, rain, or excessive temperatures.
  2.  The storage temperature should not be less than 15℃ (in winter or the surrounding temperature is equal to or less than 10℃ should pay special attention to).
  3. Excessive jolting and vibration during transportation and storage under certain conditions may lead to the separation of components of aluminium silver powder. Therefore, in the process of use do not avoid bumping vibration, avoid flammable and explosive area contact