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Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body

Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body

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Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body? With the application of aluminum pigments in the industry more and more, this is a common concern, as early as a few years ago, there were a lot of paint poisoning events, leading to everyone's concern about whether aluminum pigments, an important raw material for paint, will be harmful to the body. So, let's take a look at "aluminum paint is harmful to the body"?

  "Is aluminum paint harmful to the body?" We all know that paint poisoning can range from nausea and nausea to cancer and death by poisoning. Before answering this question, we need to do some basic understanding of the concept of aluminum pigment. Through the industry information query, we can see that aluminum pigment is also known as aluminum paste, aluminum pigment according to the process can be divided into water-based aluminum pigment and oily aluminum pigment. At present, waterborne aluminum pigment is more common in our paint, that is to say, generally manufacturers will directly use aluminum paste in waterborne metal coating to produce, which is suitable for waterborne coating system.

  Due to its good water resistance and excellent weather resistance, aluminum paste is usually used in sports equipment, electrical products, interior and exterior decoration of buildings and other industrial and commercial supplies. It is harmless to humans because of its unique production process. Sunrise waterborne aluminum pigment mainly adopts silicon dioxide and polymer double coating process. This special process results in a tight coating on the surface of the aluminum sheet, forming a dense coating that isolates the air from the outside and prevents chemical reactions between the aluminum sheet and the air, thus preventing VOC emissions. Therefore, we can clearly tell you that Sunrise aluminum pigment is not harmful to the body, please rest assured to use.

  The above is our introduction to the "aluminum pigment harm to the body" related content, hope to help you, thank you for reading.