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Several application fields of aluminum powder pigment

Several application fields of aluminum powder pigment

Industry Information
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1.Industrial coatings

The industrial coatings market includes can coatings, coil coatings, general industrial coatings, marine coatings, powder coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and roof coatings. Among them, the three main aluminum powder coatings are roof coatings, protective coatings and decorative coatings. The end use of these three types of coatings is closely related to the various characteristics of aluminum powder pigments. For example, roof coatings use the optical properties of pigment aluminum powder. Such applications generally use the "different color with angle" effect of pigment aluminum powder to achieve the purpose of decoration. This kind of coatings mostly use non floating aluminum powder.

2.Automotive coatings

Aluminum powder pigment can be used in the on-line coating of new cars and in automotive repair paint. Generally, acid resistant aluminum powder shall be used to withstand atmospheric pollution, acid rain and sulfur dioxide. In recent years, the development trend of automotive coatings is to study the coatings with "different color with angle" effect, which can be realized by changing the shape of aluminum powder pigment and strictly controlling the particle size distribution of aluminum powder pigment.

3.Printing ink

Printing inks are used in a range of substrates from paper to plastics, fibers, glass and metals. Many aluminum pigments are used in gravure printing, relief printing, offset printing and screen printing. Flake aluminum powder has the characteristics of easy calculation, easy dispersion and no pungent smell of granular products. It can be evenly distributed in organic coatings. When used in printing ink, it can also produce high-quality printing ink with uniform color.

4.Plastic processing industry

In recent decades, the proportion of using plastics as structural materials has increased significantly, and the application of aluminum powder pigment in plastic products has also increased significantly. It has almost penetrated into various fields, such as automobile parts, construction industry, household appliances, toilet products, packaging materials, leisure products and so on. Pigment aluminum powder can make plastic products and plastic processing products have bright metal effect.