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The 2022 mid-year summary and sharing conference has been successfully held

The 2022 mid-year summary and sharing conference has been successfully held

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“Be well-grounded and speak up moderately.” The four-day 2022 mid-year sum-mary and sharing conference has came to a successful conclusion. “To Know, To Practice, To be Moral” is the theme of this year's mid-year meeting. Different mee-tings have different wonderful moments. Let's review.




Stay True to the Mission

    “If you know both the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of hund-reds of battles.” Sunrise sales reps and all new employees visited the production workshop to understand the product production process. Only when we know Sun-rise better could we comprehend Sunrise.

    The trip to Huashan factory, the birthplace, has made employees learn what the company was like 20 years ago. We march forward regardless of hardship, our origi-nal intention remains unchanged to meet the future.




Sum Up the Past    Look Forward to the Future



Holding the annual meeting twice a year has become a kind of culture of Sunrise. This year, the mid-year meeting ushered in the highlight moment again. In the cur-rent environment, the annual meeting was successfully held. The members of Sun-rise summarized and reflected together to improve performance during the meeting. Chairman Zhu Shuangdan stressed that the annual meeting was a rare opportunity for Sunrise family from all over the world to study and exchange together. If you ke-ep a peaceful mind, you would definitely gain something.




Create a Unique Culture    Build a Centennial Enterprise

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. Zhang Yanyang, vice president of Sunrise, made a special report on the corporate culture in the first half of the year, focusing on the current construction of core level culture, and implemented the re-vised core level management system.



The construction and implementation of corporate culture cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the six core sub-centers of the group. The directors (deputy directors/ representatives) of the six branch centers, including the international sales branch center, the Inner Mongolia branch center, the production branch center, the R&D branch center, the administration branch center, the domestic sales branch center, took the stage respectively to share their insights and feelings with the par-ticipants around the core content of corporate culture.




Believe in the Power of Excellent Teams

In the past 20 years, Sunrise has developed into a high-tech enterprise with four production bases, two import and export trading companies and five regional dir-ect offices. At the mid-year meeting, the heads of all branches and offices took the stage in turn to report the work performances of the first half of the year. 

Chairman Zhu Shuangdan listened carefully to the summary report, raised ques-tions and deficiencies on the development of each department, and urged all depart-ments to play their respective functions, fill the vacancy, strive to be advanced and contribute to the development of the group. 




Outstanding Staff is Wealth

Employees are the most valuable wealth of an enterprise and the cornerstone of its survival and development. The work of senior staff is not only the backbone, but also the source of power for the development of Sunrise. They have witnessed the rapid progress of Sunrise and have made a lot of contributions. 



New employees are like fresh blood, which can continuously inject new vitality into the company, so the chairman Zhu Shuangdan always pays close attention to them. The chairman said that Sunrise is in a period of rapid development, and he hoped that all new employees could integrate as soon as possible, so as to create a brilliant Sunrise along the way. At the same time, he stressed that it is the traditional culture of Sunrise that the experienced lead the inexperienced. He expected that after the new employees who have enjoyed this treatment grow up, they could also inherit and continue to carry forward it in the future.




Old being doth in mutual repulse of young promise lie, but the incessant heir of a renewed sunrise would not die. We should always be in awe and treat everything wi-th a pious and grateful heart, only by this way can we advance bravely and remain invincible in difficulties.

We should know what to do and put it into practice. Only when we have both ability and virtue can we gain success. Time comes to those who wait. Let's en-courage and work hard together!