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What fields could electroplating silver coating be used in?

What fields could electroplating silver coating be used in?

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What fields could electroplating silver coating be used in? With the update and progress of industrial technology, electroplating silver plating has gradually appeared in our vision. It can increase conductivity, reflectivity, and has beautiful characteristics.



Dear audience, maybe you are familiar with electroplating silver. Electroplating silver is a kind of aluminium paste which has excellent brightness and even it could be used in various manufacturing industries instead of electroplating. If you want to know where electroplating silver coating has been generally used, please follow me.

Before answering questions, we need to understand what is BSZF-xGDC-Ag. BSZF-xGDC-Ag, which is also called electroplating silver, is made of aluminum instead of silver. Because aluminum has the plating effect comparable to silver, it is called “silver” plating. The surface of the electrosilvering aluminum sheet is flat and smooth and extremely thin. Moreover, its diameter thickness ratio is large. It has high surface coverage and brilliant brightness, only a small amount could the products get the excellent chromium plating effect. Therefore It is widely used in body paint, wheel hub paint, bicycle paint, glass paint, ink and other industries.

Electroplating silver coating is easy to polish, and it has strong reflective ability with good thermal, conductive and welding properties. In general, electrosilvering plating is also called mirror silver, mirror aluminum silver paste, extra bright aluminum silver paste and vacuum aluminum plating suspension. It is a non floating mirror aluminium silver produced by using high-purity aluminum as raw material and unique vapor phase metallized pigment process. Because of its strong surface coverage and brightness, it can basically use a small amount of silver plating to achieve excellent chromium plating effect, namely mirror effect. 

Electroplating silver coating is an environmental friendly product. There is no petroleum solvent and non environmental modifier at the source of production, so it does not contain poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene series and halogen heavy metals. For example, the inner liner of the hot water kettle used in our daily life is treated by Electroplating silver plating. 

Generally speaking, the electroplating silver is mainly used in ink screen, intaglio printing, spraying and other fields, i.e. refrigerator panel, mobile phone lens, home decoration glass and other industries, which can give devices good plating effect and beautiful decoration effect.

In electronic industry, communication equipment and instrument manufacturing industry, electroplating silver is used to reduce the contact resistance of metal parts and improve the welding ability of metal. In the searchlight and other reflectors, the metal reflector needs a electroplating silver coating. 

It hopes that my answers could help you understand electroplating silver. Please subscribe our website, we will bring you more wonderful industry information.