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What are the uses of leafing aluminium paste

What are the uses of leafing aluminium paste

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With the growth of industrial demand, the market has given rise to leafing aluminium paste. As many people do not know much about leafing aluminium paste,  let me briefly introduce its uses below.

What are the uses of leafing aluminium paste

Before we introduce the uses of leafing aluminium paste, let's first understand what leafing aluminium paste is. According to my understanding, the main raw material of leafing aluminium paste is composed of aluminium powder, solvent and stearic acid. In the ball milling stage, saturated fatty acids such as stearic acid are used as lubricants, and the stearic acid is adsorbed on the surface of the aluminium flakes to make them hydrophobic and oleophobic.

The quality of the leafing aluminium paste can be distinguished by the appearance of the leafing aluminium paste, which is usually differentiated by the coarseness of the grain size and the roughness of the appearance of the leafing aluminium paste. Generally the better leafing aluminium paste produces a flat, silvery white, high gloss chrome plating effect.

Coarse-grained leafing aluminium paste has low coverage and a coarser structure, but produces shinier layers. The fine-grained leafing aluminium paste have good hiding power and produce a bright white effect. These leafing aluminium paste have a smooth surface and reflect light well as well as insulate the aluminium.

For the use of leafing aluminium paste, in our daily life in a wide range of applications, the main use is in the protection of high requirements for roof coating, maintenance, anti-corrosion coatings, reflective coatings, imitation chrome effect coatings.

That’s all. I hope it will help you, follow us, see you next time!