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What are the precautions for mirror ink

What are the precautions for mirror ink

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What are the precautions for mirror ink? With the development of people's economic conditions, the grade of products used is also gradually improved, and mirror ink has become one of the raw materials pursued by many paint manufacturers, but there are still many people who do not know about mirror ink. So, what are the precautions for mirror ink? Let me give you a brief introduction.   

What are the precautions for mirror ink

What are the precautions for mirror ink? According to the editor's understanding, mirror ink is a way of expressing vacuum metallized pigment(VMP) in general, which is usually printed on the transparent material by the reverse side to obtain the mirror effect on the front side. Vacuum metallized pigment, also known as electroplating silver pigment or mirror ink, is named for its special brightness and mirror-like effect. Since the vacuum metallized pigment is made of high-purity aluminum and is made of vapor-phase metallized pigments, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of it during use. Let me give you a brief introduction below.

1. If the mirror ink needs to cover other series of inks during use, it is generally necessary to choose a series of inks that do not corrode the mirror ink, otherwise, the mirror effect may be destroyed.

2. When printing the mirror ink, try to make it as thin and uniform as possible, so as to avoid the peeling reaction between the metal powder in the mirror ink due to the inability of the mirror ink itself to overlap and print.

3. Normally, no diluent is added to the mirror ink. At the same time, if the viscosity of the mirror ink becomes high, it can be diluted with a special thinner, and then printed after the viscosity recovers.

4. Generally, the mirror ink should be stored in a sealed container, and the ambient temperature is <25°C, otherwise it will deteriorate, or it will deteriorate naturally after a long storage time. If the viscosity becomes high or the ink becomes hard and discolored, it means that the mirror ink cannot be used.

The above is the relevant content of "What are the precautions for mirror ink" introduced by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for your careful reading. If you like our information, you can continue to follow us.