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What are the applications of Leafing aluminum paste

What are the applications of Leafing aluminum paste

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With the growth of industrial demand, the leafing aluminium paste came into being in the market. But many people don't know about it. In fact, the leafing aluminium paste is widely used in our daily life. Let me introduce its applications now.

What are the applications of Leafing aluminum paste

Before we introduce the applications of the leafing aluminium paste, let's first understand what it is. The main raw materials of leafing aluminium paste are atomized aluminum powder, 150# solvent oil and stearic acid. In leafing aluminum pigments, the aluminum flakes are aligned near the surface of the paint film to form an opaque silver film. This opaque property is the main factor that makes leafing aluminum pigments an important functional raw material.

The appearance of leafing aluminum paste can vary depending on the particle size and thickness, from a rough and white appearance to a dull, highly reflective or mirror like effect, producing effects such as flat, silver white, high gloss, and chrome plating. Coarse grained floating aluminum silver slurry has low coverage and rough structure, but can obtain a brighter layer; The fine-grained floating aluminum silver slurry has good coverage and produces a bright white layer. And some floating aluminum silver paste aluminum sheets have a smooth surface, which can reflect light and have good insulation effect.

Leafing aluminum paste is widely used in our daily life, mainly in roof coating, maintenance, anti-corrosion coating, reflective coating, and chrome imitation coating with high protection requirements.

The above is the specific content of "What are the applications of leafing aluminum paste". We hope it will be helpful to you. Stay tuned and we will see you in the next issue!