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Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body

Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body

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Did you know that aluminum pigment is harmful to your body? As we should all know, aluminum pigment are now widely used in our daily lives, accompanying us day and night, and providing us with a lot of convenience. So now, some people will begin to have doubts: although aluminum pigment have been everywhere in life, but aluminum pigment will harm our body? Let’s study together.

Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body

Is aluminum pigment harmful to the body?Before we discuss this issue,let me popularize the knowledge about aluminum pigments.

Aluminium pigment are widely used in different application.It can be divided into aluminium powder,aluminium paste,aluminum pigment powder.With the recent rapid development of the aluminum pigment industry,Sunrun’s R&D department has developed several new aluminum pigments,For example:Water based aluminium pigment,Colorful dynamic aluminium pigment,Mirror effect aluminium pigment,Resin-coated aluminium pigment etc.

Aluminum pigments are in great demand in the market, there are many varieties and their application are also very widely.Aluminum powder has light weight, high flotation force, strong hiding power, good reflection performance for light and heat, can be used to identify fingerprints, and can also be used to do fireworks.Aluminum paste is not easy to fire, nor is it easy to explode, its hiding power, brightness, metal properties and smoothness are the basic technical requirements for identifying aluminum paste. Aluminum paste is widely used in automotive paint, metal industrial paint, Marine paint and heat-resistant paint, plastic paint, hardware home appliance paint, motorcycle paint and so on. Aluminum pigment powder has very good metal color and shielding function. Aluminum pigment powder is used for powder coating, ink and so on.

Nowadays, the world is implementing the concept of "environmental protection", "environmental protection" has become the core concept of the main push of various aluminum pigment manufacturers, water-based aluminum paste is an example, it is non-toxic, no harm to the human body, very environmentally friendly, and now the production of aluminum pigments and aluminum pigment products in the chemical characteristics are no longer belong to the scope of dangerous goods, you can rest assured.

We hope it will be helpful to you. Stay tuned and we will see you in the next issue!