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How is mirror silver made?

How is mirror silver made?

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How is mirror silver made? With the rapid development of industrialization, the market size of aluminium pigments is gradually expanding, and more and more products are infiltrating into households. You may have heard of mirror silver. Do you know how mirror silver is made? Let's learn together!

How is mirror silver made

Mirror silver, also known as vacuum aluminum plating suspension, is a type of metallic pigment. It is called mirror silver because of its special bright effect and excellent imaging effect. The average particle size (D50) of the aluminum flakes in mirror silver is between 5-12 micrometers, and the thickness of the flakes is only at the nanometre level. It has great covering power and brightness, and excellent mirror effect can be achieved with a small amount of usage.

Mirror silver is produced using high-purity aluminum wire as raw material. It is a non-leafing mirror silver produced by a unique gas-phase metalized aluminum pigment process. It uses the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves on the vacuum aluminum plating film immersed in the solution to separate the aluminium film from the PET film, resulting in aluminum flakes of different sizes with a very smooth surface and mirror effect. The separated aluminium flakes are then subjected to high-speed cutting and grinding, followed by centrifugation and pressure filtration to form filter cakes. Finally, they are compacted and surface treated.

That's how mirror silver is made. We hope this information is helpful to you. Stay tuned for more industry news in the next issue!