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What is electroplating grade aluminium paste?

What is electroplating grade aluminium paste?

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What is electroplating grade aluminium paste?In modern industrial production, giving a unique look to a product is one of the important goals pursued. One of the magical materials, electroplating grade aluminium pigment, is becoming the darling of various industries with its excellent mirror-like effects and wide range of applications. Choosing a professional manufacturer of electroplating grade aluminium pigment can help enhance your products even more.
Electroplating grade aluminium paste is not just ordinary silver paint, but a non-floating mirror-like silver made through a unique Vapor Metallized Pigment (VMPS) process. The raw material is high purity aluminium, with aluminium content between 10%-20%, while the average particle size D50 is between 5-12 microns, and the thickness of the scales has reached the nanometer level. This special silver coating has strong coverage and exceptional brightness, presenting products with astonishing mirror-like effects during use.
The application fields of electroplating grade aluminium paste are extensive, with the most prominent ones including automotive coatings, 3C appliances, leather and fabric coatings, home decoration, and more. In the automotive paint industry, it is used for both interior and exterior decoration as well as wheel rims, adding unique visual appeal to automobiles. In the 3C appliances industry, it is applied to 3C electronic product panels, logos, and appliance panels, giving products a high-end appearance. In the field of leather and fabric coatings, it injects fashion and nobility into leather products and textiles.
The mirror-like effect of electroplating grade aluminium pigment not only enhances the appearance quality of products but also brings visual enjoyment to consumers. Its excellent surface coverage and brightness allow for excellent chrome plating effects with a minimal amount, saving production costs and enhancing production efficiency.
In today's era of pursuing quality and individuality, electroplating grade aluminium paste, as a pigment with excellent mirror-like effects and high environmental standards, is bringing new life and inspiration to products in various industries. With the technological advancements of manufacturers of electroplating grade aluminium pigments, better products allow us to enjoy a more dazzling beauty in our daily lives.