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Aluminium pigment pellet are widely used in inks,so they named aluminium pellet for inks.

Aluminium pigment pellet are widely used in inks,so they named aluminium pellet for inks.

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Aluminium pigment pellet consists of aluminium paste, carrier and a small amount of additives, solid content of up to 95% or more, is a high solid content, high coverage, high brightness solid granular aluminium pigment.
Aluminium pigment pellet is mainly used in the field of ink printing, in a variety of printing processes have excellent performance, at present there are many manufacturers of aluminium pellet , the technology is also becoming more and more mature, the main characteristics of the application in the printing include the following items:

High Coverage and Brightness: The high solids content of the aluminium pigment pellet for inks provides excellent coverage and brightness, giving a unique metallic luster effect to the print.
Applicable to a variety of printing processes: aluminium pellet for inks is suitable for the gravure ink industry, but can also be used in screen printing, flexographic printing, offset printing and other printing processes.
Widely used areas: aluminium pigment pellet for inks are widely used in tobacco and wine packaging, high-grade gift boxes, daily necessities packaging, food and beverage packaging, etc., adding a noble and elegant appearance to the products.
Good adhension and stability: aluminium pellet for inks has excellent adhesion, which ensures the stability and durability of the printed surface and maintains the quality of the printed appearance.
Environmentally friendly solvent-free, odorless: aluminium pigment pellet for inks meets the requirements of environmental protection, solvent-free, odorless, suitable for industries with high requirements for the quality of printed materials and environmental protection, in line with the development trend of modern environmental awareness.

To sum up, aluminium pigment pellet for inks has unique advantages and characteristics in the ink printing industry, especially in terms of environmental protection, is an important material in the field of ink printing, can give a unique metallic luster effect for the printed products, enhance the visual appeal of the product and the market competitiveness, choose the right aluminium pigment pellet for inks manufacturer, is the best way to protect the effect of the end product.