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What is rainbow effect aluminium pigment?

What is rainbow effect aluminium pigment?

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What is rainbow effect aluminium pigment? In the modern decoration and coating industry, there is a striking new material attracting much attention, which is the rainbow effect aluminium pigment. With its unique optical properties and colorful color-changing effect, this kind of pigment has shown its amazing application value in various fields, and the manufacturers of rainbow effect aluminium pigment have been developing rapidly as a result.

Rainbow effect aluminium pigment, also known as laser aluminium paste or rainbow pigment paste. Its main components are specially treated flake metal aluminum and dispersant, in paste form. Rainbow effect aluminium pigment is a kind of optical color changing pigment, the laser paint / laser ink formulated with it can present different colors with the change of observation angle, i.e. the phenomenon of iridescence, with obvious dynamic color changing effect, and present bright and vivid "rainbow phenomenon" under the direct light.

The characteristics of rainbow effect aluminium pigment not only lie in its colorful effect, but also in its high gloss and good weather resistance. It can add elegant texture and gloss to the surface of coatings or products, and keep the color stability for a long time in the outdoor environment, and is not easy to fade or be corroded.

In terms of application, rainbow effect aluminium pigment has wide applicability. It is widely used in automotive color change film, color change paint industry, printing industry (such as 3C appliance, home appliance, home decoration, paper film, etc.), leather fabric coatings, nail polish, toys and crafts paint and many other fields. Whether it is personalized modification of automobile appearance or unique design of home decorations, rainbow effect aluminium pigment can be seen, which gives the products the visual charm of dynamic color change.

Overall, rainbow effect aluminium pigment has become an indispensable part of modern decoration and coating industry with its unique color effect, good performance characteristics and wide application prospects. Its appearance not only enriches the appearance of product expression, but also provides more possibilities for creative design and personalized customization, and the specialization of rainbow effect aluminium pigment manufacturers also helps the development of the industry.