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What advantages does Sunrise automobile aluminum pigment have

What advantages does Sunrise automobile aluminum pigment have

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What advantages does Sunrise automobile aluminum pigment have? There are many manufacturers of aluminum pigments on the market, and the production quality is uneven. The requirements of aluminum pigments for automobile paint are high. When selecting aluminum pigments for automobile coatings, many problems will be encountered. How about Sunrise aluminum pigments automobile in the market? 


First of all, let's learn about aluminum pigment. Aluminum pigment is an important part of automotive paint. The addition of aluminum pigment can give the car a beautiful texture and appearance, and make the product more classy. After spraying on the surface of the car, its surface have stronger metal texture and is more eye-catching. Even in the dark rainy days and under the light at night, it can still have a very good sense. Such a car is easy to be found, which greatly increases the safety of drivers.


The aluminum pigment for automobile produced by Sunrise is mainly used in automobile repair, automobile paint and other automobile coatings industry. Through the selection of high-quality raw materials and special processing technology, it has the following advantages:

1. More than 90% of the aluminum pigment particles are in the shape of silver, and the aluminum sheet is smooth and with moderate thickness;

2. In the process of using, the aluminum sheet is not easy to be broken and warped, the product has good cleanliness, good covering power and narrow particle size distribution;


3. Batches of products are tested by five angle colorimeter, and the color difference between batches is small. The product is not only good in whiteness, but also high in flicker, and the effect of heterochromatic with angle is excellent.


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