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Breaking news! Sunrise group water-based aluminum pigment project won the second prize of Anhui Science and technology progress award!

Breaking news! Sunrise group water-based aluminum pigment project won the second prize of Anhui Science and technology progress award!

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On the morning of June 29, 2020, Anhui Province held the 2019 science and technology award conference, and announced the list of science and technology award-winning projects (personnel) in 2019. Hefei Sunrise Aluminum Pigment Co., Ltd. , Hefei University of Technology and Anhui University jointly developed the project of "key technology research & development and industrialization of waterborne high performance aluminum pigment", which won the second prize of Anhui Province Science and technology progress award.

Anhui Provincial Science and technology award is the highest honor awarded by the provincial government. It is selected once a year to honor the units or individuals who have made outstanding contributions in technological invention, technological development, social welfare and major projects. In recent years, Sunrise group attaches great importance to technology research and development, and taking "developing enterprises through science and technology and serving the country through industry" as the new mission. Sunrise constantly improves the platform construction work of "Anhui metal slurry engineering technology research center" and "Anhui functional metal slurry (powder) polymer composite industry innovation strategic alliance". With the purpose of invigorating enterprises through science and technology, taking the market as the guidance, Sunrise will construct a technology innovation system closely combined with industry, university and research.. At the same time, the company actively organized and carried out a series of forward-looking major scientific and technological research work such as "water-based metal slurry", "aluminum pigment for plastic spray free process", "high-performance multi-functional metal slurry", etc., and achieved a large number of standards, patents, provincial industry science and technology progress awards and other fruitful achievements, further improving the company's independent innovation ability and core competitiveness Dynamic leads the technological progress and development of metal slurry industry.

1.Key technology research and industrialization of waterborne high performance aluminum pigment

As the main raw material of metal coating and metal ink, the industrial production of aluminum pigment can be traced back to more than 100 years ago. With the development of industry and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the production and development of low pollution, pollution-free and dust-free aluminum pigment products have been highly valued. It has become an inevitable trend for the development of coating industry to replace organic solvent with water. Therefore, the research and development of water-based aluminum pigment is highly prized.

In order to meet the development requirements of water-based aluminum pigment, the research in developed countries such as Europe and the United States started earlier, mainly using passivation film, phosphate film and polymer coating methods to produce water-based aluminum pigment, but the gloss of the prepared water-based aluminum pigment products is usually damaged to a certain extent, and its application is limited.

Sunrise group, together with Hefei University of Technology and Anhui University, jointly developed the water-based coating modification technology of high-performance aluminum pigment, which solved the industry technical problems such as easy reaction, difficult dispersion and easy performance damage of flake aluminum particles in the water-based system, realized the green production of water-based aluminum pigment products in the industry, and ensured the main performance of the product such as gloss.

2. Brief introduction of waterborne aluminum pigment

The water-borne aluminum pigment consists of water-borne aluminum silver paste and water-borne silver powder. The water-borne aluminum silver paste is composed of 50% - 75% aluminum and 25% - 50% alcohol ether solvent; the water-based silver powder is composed of more than 97% non-volatile compounds (aluminum, silicone) and no more than 3% solvent. In order to prevent the water-based aluminum pigment from reacting with water, acid and alkali, special surface treatment must be carried out when applied to water-based resin system.

At present, the preparation methods of water-borne aluminum silver paste on the market are mainly divided into four categories: first, adding corrosion inhibitor method; second, chromate, phosphoric acid, modified resin and their salt passivation method; third, inorganic silica coating method; fourth, inorganic organic double coating or hybrid coating method.