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Application of waterborne aluminum paste in paint

Application of waterborne aluminum paste in paint

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With the promotion of environmental awareness of the whole world, people's requirements for environmental protection are also gradually improved.The only environmentally friendly raw material in the coating industry is water-based aluminum paste which is more popular at present. We all know that the water-based paint in our life is a way to use aluminum silver paste. Do you know the application of water-based aluminum paste in paint? Let's study together!


Let's first learn what water-based aluminum paste is. Water based aluminum paste is also known as "water-based silver paste". Its production process is mainly silicon dioxide coating technology. Such water-based aluminum paste will have dense silica coating film, with good water resistance, excellent water resistance, energy-saving, environmental protection, and long storage period.


Generally, water-based aluminum paste is widely used in sports equipment, electrical products, building decoration and other industrial and commercial products, so it is very popular in the market. And for paint, water-based aluminum paste is one of the raw materials, but also a kind of coating.


We all know that coatings are composed of film-forming materials, fillers (pigments and fillers), solvents, additives and so on. The water-based aluminum silver paste mainly plays the role of pigments and fillers in the coatings, and the coatings made are called water-borne paints. It can be used as diluent directly with water, and oil paint needs to add curing agent and diluent. Therefore, the "paint" for the application of water-based aluminum silver paste is water-based paint, which is two different systems from oil paint in liquid materials.


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