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Langqun Paint Engineer Technology Salon held in Guangzhou in 2014

Langqun Paint Engineer Technology Salon held in Guangzhou in 2014

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On the afternoon of December 4, it was convened and hosted by experts from China Coatings Industry Association, editorial board member of China coatings, editorial board member of modern coatings and painting, and the leader of coating wolf technology group.Shanxi jiayufeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Sunrise Aluminum Pigment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou biaogda Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai core new materials Co., Ltd., and Jiangmen Texin coating Co., Ltd and Editorial Department of modern coatings and painting founded "2014 langqun coating Engineer Technology Salon" was held in Guangzhou. Zhao Zhongguo, general manager of China Coatings Industry Association, Lv shuilie, Secretary General of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, Lv Biao, Secretary General of Shenzhen Coatings Technology Association, Zheng Yufeng, vice president of Nanxiong Chemical Industry Association, plateau, leader of coating wolf technology group and other guests, as well as more than 300 coating engineers, industry experts, raw material suppliers and coating enterprises from all over the country attended the grand meeting. Tu yingtianxia and other media were invited to attend and follow-up report on the scene.

It is reported that the "coating wolf group" coating Engineer Technology Salon is the only non-profit public welfare meeting of coating engineers in the domestic coating industry. The main participants are well-known experts, technical directors and R & D engineers in the coating industry. Our reporter learned that this technical salon is the second meeting of coating wolf group engineers after the meeting of Fudan University in 2013. This conference is mainly around the current hot spot of coating technology - water-based industrial coating technology to explore and solve problems.The purpose is to promote the development of water-based industrial coating industry.