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Check the mistakes in the use of waterborne aluminum pigment

Check the mistakes in the use of waterborne aluminum pigment

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Check the mistakes in the use of waterborne aluminum pigment.With the improvement of the awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for waterborne aluminum pigment is gradually increasing, and has become a new  direction of production research for major manufacturers.Next, let's study together.

It is understood that the production process of waterborne aluminum pigment is mainly passivation and silica coating.The coating layer of waterborne aluminum pigment made by silica coating process is relatively dense, and the storage time of the finished paint is as long as 12 months.The waterborne aluminum pigment which has good water resistance, excellent weather resistance and less gas release can be dispersed in water .In the process of use, it is less harmful to human body, and is favored by the majority of consumers.However, there are some misunderstandings in use.

1. Samples are not tested:we should fully understand and strictly test the performance according to the relevant tests when touch waterborne aluminum pigment products to see if the results can meet our own requirements and avoid problems in the later stage.

2. Long time mixing: too long and high-speed mixing will damage the surface coating and its integrity, resulting in the coating blackening, the decrease of covering power, the appearance of coarse particles in the paint film and other adverse phenomenon.Therefore, the mixing time and speed should be adjusted.

3. Improper use of solvent and resin: improper operation will lead to difficulty in dispersing the product. So new resin and solvent can be appropriately blended.If the product is too fine to disperse, the soaking time can be appropriately extended and the stirring speed can be controlled.

4. Unqualified storage environment: the correct storage environment should be sealed to avoid sunlight and rain. It should be used as early as possible in a dry room (below 35 ℃). It should be completely sealed immediately to prevent solvent and additives from volatilizing, so as to avoid black and oxidation caused by slurry drying.

The above is the relevant content. Thank you for your attention.