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Sunrise group’s mid-2019 summing up and sharing conference successfully concluded.

Sunrise group’s mid-2019 summing up and sharing conference successfully concluded.

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Success is by no means an accident.Accumulation is the foundation of development.It is the process of continuous summary behind success.Today’s Sunrise , it sets the tide because of our joint efforts and brave and changes with each passing day because of everyone's pioneering and innovation.


From July 24 to 28,the mid year summary sharing meeting of Sunrise group was held in Huashan which is the birthplace of Sunrise group.After 17 years of development, Sunrise has developed into a large enterprise with five production bases and more than 800 employees. More than 300 employee representatives attended the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to gather ideas, not forget the original intention, summarize the successes and shortcomings in the first half of 2019, and clarify the group's goals in the second half of 2019.

There are six links in this meeting:work report of department heads,special report of core layer,sharing of new employees,sharing of old employees,free sharing of employees,award of sales elites.

Reporting by department head(in order of reporting)

Mr.Zhu Shuangdan,chairman of Sunrise group

The core layer of Sunrise group is a new enterprise management mode proposed by Chairman Zhu .The construction of the core layer can realize the self-management and mutual management of employees,and ultimately achieve”Inaction”.

Special report on core layer of Sunrise group

Listen,solemn oath,is the mission ensured to us by Sunrise,is Sunrise’s trust in us, let us perform our duties,do Sunrise’s master,and strive together with Sunrise.

New and old employees and free sharing(Due to space constraints,only some of the staff were selected for photos.)

At the meeting,the outstanding staff representative came to the stage one by one to report and share their experience,specifically summarize the work development and completion in the first half of the year. And combined with the market environment and actual work,analyzed their own shortcomings,put forward improvement plans,and made clear  the work objectives in the second half of the year.

After the meeting,everyone in Sunrise should seriously reflect,deeply understand the theme of the meeting of “confidence,determination,carefulness ,inheritance,innovation,and transcendence”,work hard and go all out to boost the realization of the group’s 10 billion dream as soon as possible.


Do not forget the original intention,forge ahead.Sunrise can not bravely become the leader of the national aluminum pigment industry without our excellent sales staff.They are the model we learn from and the benchmark for our progress .It is because of their diligence,hard work and struggle.Only then cast the industry Sunrise invincible sales myth.

Top 5 of Sunrise group’s domestic sales comprehensive evaluation in 2019.

Sunrise group international sales comprehensive evaluation award in 2019.


Looking back on the first half of 2019, we should work steadily and make good achievements, shoulder heavy responsibilities and forge ahead. Looking forward to the second half of 2019, never forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission,be down-to-earth and stride forward! Strive for the new decade, realize the dream of 10 billion, and strive to be the leader and leader of aluminum pigment and aluminum powder industry! Sunrise, the world is more wonderful because of us!