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Warm congratulation on the success of the signing ceremony of school enterprise cooperation between Bengbu University and Sunrise group.

Warm congratulation on the success of the signing ceremony of school enterprise cooperation between Bengbu University and Sunrise group.

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In order to further improve the quality of talent training,strengthen the integration of production and education,school enterprise cooperation,enhance student’s innovation and practical ability,and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.The signing ceremony of school enterprise cooperation between Sunrise group and Bengbu University was solemnly held in Sunrise group on June 2,2019.

Ding Ming,President of Bengbu University,Lv Bu,deputy director of development and planing department,Wang Guangrong,vice president of school of materials and chemical engineering,Li Shengfeng,deputy director of academic affairs department,Li Zongqun,Professor of School of materials and chemical engineering,Zhu Shuangdan,chairman of Sunrise group,and Zhou Zhizhong,executive vice president attended the signing ceremony.

Before the signing ceremony,the two sides had a brief visit and exchange.Zhu Shuangdan,chairman of Sunrise group,introduced the development situation of Sunrise group.After that,President Ding also introduced the personnel training plan and general situation of Bengbu University to the participants.He said that he was willing to establish the “Sunrise classroom” with Sunrise group because he focused on the development cooperation with enterprises in the field of new materials to deepen the strategy of technical personnel training.

Win-win cooperation “Sunrise classroom” in this way

Co-education of teachers

Following the development trend of the industry ,Sunrise will cooperate to establish a talent training and employment base.In the form of scholarships and grands,Sunrise will reward and attract some outstanding graduates,help the development and construction of the talent echelon of the school,build a bridge for talent transportation between the school and the enterprise,and implement the talent training plan.

Qualification co construction

Build a "industry university research" cooperation base, help students to practice graduation design, give priority to providing required scientific research achievements, and jointly carry out relevant scientific research and development work.

Curriculum integration

Learn from the experience of advanced school enterprise cooperation, add appropriate teaching and practice links, establish the cooperation concept of "Xuyang classroom", and vigorously promote the development of "school enterprise integration".

Site sharing

Bengbu university welcomes Xuyang to publicize its corporate image, release information on talent and technology needs, and regularly organize "Xuyang classroom". Students come to Xuyang group to visit practice. Xuyang provides practice posts for students to improve the utilization rate of training resources.

Platform sharing

We will jointly establish an information platform to make the school enterprise cooperation training more intelligent and transparent. The school will have a more intuitive understanding of Sunrise's training needs and the training situation of students.

Common information

Establish and solidify the school enterprise cooperation and exchange mechanism, regularly study and discuss the school running direction, training objectives, system and mechanism, professional pattern, talent demand and other aspects, so as to form a mutually beneficial and win-win community of interests.

Finally, the two sides held the unveiling ceremony of the university enterprise industry research cooperation contract. Zhu Shuangdan, chairman of Sunrise group, and Ding Ming, President of Bengbu University, signed an exchange of signatures to jointly unveil the brand, which marks the official launch of "Sunrise classroom" in Bengbu University. The cooperation between the school and the enterprise has been further deepened, and the talent training and transportation channels have been widened. This move not only provides more high-quality talents for our company, but also provides support and help for the cultivation of applied talents.

A series of platform development

The cooperation between Sunrise group and Bengbu University adapts to the cultivation of talents in the new era with new technology, new industry and new format. In line with the purpose of "complementary advantages, cooperation and progress", the two sides establish a good cooperative relationship, build a strategic development cooperation platform, and achieve win-win development.